Educational Therapy

We can help! Learning Power offers Educational Therapy for children, teenagers and adults with AD/HD and Learning Disabilities.

Is your child:

  • lacking self esteem?
  • reluctant or refusing to go to school?
  • feeling inadequate academically?
  • ready to give up?

Are you:

  • hurting inside as you watch your student struggle daily?
  • frustrated with the system?
  • exhausted from the daily battles over going to school and doing homework?
  • ready for positive change?

Educational Therapy is an intensive process of teaching and learning that strengthens a student's academic and processing weaknesses through specialized methodologies and teaching strategies.

Educational Therapists Address:

  • Executive Function Deficits
  • Time management, organization, prioritizing
  • Short-term memory and long-term memory
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Stress management
  • Meta-cognitive approaches; self-monitoring, evaluation
  • Comprehension
  • Reading and writing issues
  • Effective study techniques

Educational Therapeutical Services Include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Instruction tailored to specific and changing needs of each student
  • Consultations with school staff on request
  • Collaboration/consultation with mental health and other health professionals serving the student

Sessions are conducted throughout the year. Summer sessions typically address maintenance of academic skills, remedial skills where necessary, study skills, and preparation for upcoming courses.

Educational Therapist Linda Elaine Nelson is equipped to:

  • Develop strategies that the student will internalize and apply over time for academic success
  • Assist the student in understanding his or her specific learning style and strengths
  • Assist student and parent in understanding the student's specific challenges and/or deficit
  • Advise parents how best to provide reinforcement and support at home
  • Provide alternate approaches for learning
  • Assist the student in developing self-advocacy skills

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Frequently Asked Questions:

» What is Educational Therapy?
Educational Therapy is an intensive process of teaching and learning, and it strengthens a student's academic and processing weaknesses through specialized methodologies and teaching strategies. Teaching is presented with an organized and structured approach, with consideration given to individual learning styles.

» Who needs Educational Therapy?
Students who are seriously disorganized, ADD or AD/HD, and similarly learning challenged benefit from educational therapy. Students who continue to struggle in spite of parent, teacher, and/or tutor interventions need specific learning strategies provided by an Educational Therapist. Students do not outgrow learning problems; instead, they learn to manage them.

» How is Educational Therapy different from tutoring?
Educational Therapy addresses underlying learning skills such as, executive functioning, attention and focus, and memory skills on an individual basis. In contrast, a tutor assists students with academic subjects, test preparation, and homework.

» How much time does Educational Therapy take?
Educational Therapy sessions are one-on-one, with the student and Educational Therapist working for one hour, with a minimum of 2 sessions per week. The length of time that a student may need Educational Therapy depends on the type of processing issues involved, cognitive ability, and other factors.

» Is Educational Therapy only for students with learning difficulties?
All learners have strengths and weaknesses. Even students who excel at school may want to learn new and more efficient ways of producing academic work. An Educational Therapist can provide new learning experiences for students both with and without special needs.

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"Educational specialists on Learning Power's Registry are very child friendly and parent responsive.

It's a wonderful 'wrap around' service!"
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"Thank you for helping me with my SAT scores. Not only did I get them up, I learned a lot for everyday testing. You taught me so much! …I actually enjoyed learning the strategies, too!"
"The [study] skills course really helped Tim marshal his confidence for the big move to private school...Best for him was a positive sense of his own learning style to maximize performance in all realms of his work. He is determined to be organized and beat procrastination! You really help kids!"